Local Search: Get Started

[Advantages and considerations of using Google Places and Facebook Places for marketing purposes.]

8x Traffic in 1 Week

[Content strategy can significantly improve traffic without changing underlying content.]

Preparing for Content Evolution

Effective content and content marketing is shifting. It requires keen content management to cross a Darwin-esque divide in approach.

Why Your Content Cannot Die!

How to deal with zombie content.

Content Marketing & Strategy for Clean Water

“Clean water” is really a widget in a discussion about the connection between data organization and management (content strategy) and its communication objectives (content marketing).

Content Strategy for a Sculptor

How content strategy and content marketing is applied to an arts and crafts practitioner.

Recent Work: Odd Staunton

“Odd Staunton” is a local blog featuring news, people, events, and places near Staunton, Virginia in an “Officially Unofficial” capacity.

Content Should “GIVE”

GIVE your audience what they want…

Bling Your Ping: How and Why to RSS

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a critical tool to use and understand. Here’s a brief description and link to an-easy-to-understand video explanation.