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Hello Joel and the Storyblocks team: This is my Content Strategist portfolio. 12 years experience copywriting, content strategy, and brand building: Content Director, OpenWater (2018) Whitepapers, guest blogging, case studies, press releases, and other marketing tasks, e.g., web graphics Sample: The Secret of Great APIs | Case Study Freelance Content Strategist and Writer, TUSK Digital (2018) […]

Sales Letter Sample

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SALES LETTER SAMPLE Audience: General Delivery: Web page or email newsletter Prepared for So, You Were Voted Off the Island…   Maybe you refused to eat the bug larvae. Maybe your teammates thought you were the weakest link. Maybe it just came down to you and the other guy, and that guy got the […]

How to Improve Your Main Street Business

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Knowing what the cards are by the way they hold their hand.

Open Data on Main Street

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Data drove us out of town. Not data, specifically, but rather a business model that was, in hindsight, way ahead of its time. When I was a kid my Dad had a business called Restoration Data in downtown Staunton. His company used sophisticated infrared technology to review problematic structural issues in buildings. It’s hard to appreciate […]

Ideas for the “Bowers Box”

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What is awesome that you can also legally ship by mail?

Acts of Everyday Radicalism

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You may be more exceptional than you think.

How to De-Fragilize Your Life

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Disorder is everywhere. Thank God.

On Leadership

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Lead by doing.

Main Street Misconceptions

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Time to question some assumptions.

Future of Main Street Retail (Attn: American Apparel, et al)

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Malls are dead. Main Street is coming back to life.