Read It Later: Saving the Best for… Later

Save Time Curating Content with “DVR for the Web”

If you curate content as part of a content marketing strategy (and you should!), here’s a tech tool you’ll appreciate: Read It Later.

This handy, 1-click app lets you save pages to read again later — even if you’re offline! Access saved pages via your smart phone when you’re “offline” in planes, trains, or automobiles (only, of course, if you’re the passenger in the latter, please!)

“Read It Later” functionality is included in 3,000 additional apps. One favorite example is Echofon. I use Echofon to monitor Twitter conversations on my smart phone. Using “Read It Later” with Echofon you can save links from Twitter conversations.

Bonus for iPhone/iPad Users

Save articles from Google Reader with one tap!

How “Read It Later” Assists Content Curation

  • Collects articles from multiple sources (e.g. Google Reader, Echofon for Twitter) in one central location
  • Increases productivity with offline access to content
  • Simple interface to organize content
  • The app is free but upgrades include “Digest”, which organizes content by topic (beta cost: $5)


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