Personal Profile to Business Profile on Facebook


Friend or foe? No, the question is: friend or business page when it comes to Facebook.


In the rush to “get on Facebook” many have made a common mistake. The mistake is setting a personal profile but using it for a business. Are you “friends” with a business? Tsk, tsk. That small business set it up wrong. No worries, though: it’s an easy fix. Here’s the “how” and “why”:

Disadvantages for a Business using a Personal Profile

  • It’s against Facebook policy
  • You have “it’s complicated” as your relationship status
  • You get annoying invitations for Farmville or other games
  • You look unprofessional!


Advantages of a Business Page on Facebook

  • You look professional
  • You can use more diverse apps
  • You can block time-sinks, such as game requests
  • You can reference other businesses on your wall
  • Other businesses can showcase you on their business page
  • You’ll have more fans (“likes”) because you won’t be asking for access to customers’ private info that Facebook “friends” can share, such as religious or political leaning

How Can I Fix My Profile?

  • Create a personal profile, if you don’t already have one. Simply go to and sign up.
  • Create a Facebook business page. Go to any existing business you “like” and scroll to the bottom left. Click “create page”. Here’s local Staunton Parks & Rec‘s page, for example. When you create the page you’ll automatically be the business page admin.
  • Tell your friends. Send a note to to your Facebook friends telling them you’ll be deleting your friend profile in favor of a business profile. Ask that they “like” your business profile by sending a direct link.
  • Delete your old profile. Navigate to “delete profile”. You’ll still be able to use your legitimate personal profile. That’s the profile that is your business page’s new administrator.
  • When you reach 25 fans (“likes”)… you can set a permanent address. Go to – but be warned! You can only set this ONCE.

Here are tools and strategies to maximize your business page once you have it set up properly.

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